Excerpts from the Policy Manual Template

The following pages, to be downloaded, show excerpts from the Policy Manual Template. This provides you an opportunity to see what is included Before You Purchase. Presented is a brief listing of some of the 300 major and sub categories of selected policies throughout the 60 pages of information to provide an idea of what is inside. The format and structure of your manual is just as important as the content. It should be simple to follow, follow a logical format, easy to read (is there enough white space, and are the words/font large enough), and have a good overall look and feel. We feel our manual template is setup to meet these criteria as well as provide strong basic content by the inclusion of: A detailed Introduction page; An appealing cover design if you so chose to use; A detailed Purpose and Scope; A Table of Contents; And a detailed Management Overview. It is simple to follow, since it is in the WORD format. So making changes should be relatively simple for someone who works with WORD. If you prefer a PDF or other format please let us know.