Policy Manual Starter Template - (Member Price Only $88.50)

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A Popular Download! Selected as one of the best starting points for developing a timely and detailed Government Contracting Cost Policy Manual. Over 50 Pages to work from! A great Jump Start to a Documented Policy Manual that every firm should have!  

A Detailed 50+ Page Template covering the following Key Areas in a Logical Order: - Purpose and Scope (6-0000); Table of Contents (6-6001);  Management Overview (6-6002); Internal Controls (6-6200); Financial Management (6-6300); Assets, Liabilities and Capital (6-6400); Revenue Recognition (6-6500); Contract Cost Accounting (6-6600); Labor and Timekeeping (6-6700); Cost Estimating (6-6800)

(This is a downloadable Word file) : 1) Download it - 2) Save a Copy under a different name - 3) Open and Edit as applicable to your specific firm 4) Save under your Firms Name - 5) Print Out and File - 6) Distribute as appropriate - 7) Don't Forget To Implement and Follow policies as applicable!

MEMBER Discount Price - $88.50