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Based on request from hundreds of small firms nationwide, we offer, at discounted prices to members, product tools that will help save you time (money) and frustration.  They are designed to help you and your staff continue to practice techniques learned during live or recorded workshops.  They have been proven helpful for anyone who needs to get up to speed fast on various cost & pricing issues.  Especially developing Indirect Rates, Preparing Price Proposals, or DCAA/DCMA Accounting System Reviews or Audits.

These Product Tools include electronic spreadsheets and documents you can use as boiler-plates to modify to meet the needs of your situation. These Tools also reinforce learning and help build confidence.  They will help you understand what goes on behind the scene of some of your accounting and related software.  They will help you better explain your policies, procedures and expectations when interacting with auditors, contracting officers, and other customers. If you prefer not to start from scratch with a blank spreadsheet or document, then some of these Tools are for you!

If you want No Nonsense, Practical, Proven Tools to assist you immediately in the most focused areas of Indirect Rates and the DCAA or DCMA Accounting System, then You Should Own the DVD Now.  If the DVD is not in your library, you are at a disadvantage! A Live Digital Download of The Full DVD is COMING SOON!