Paul, I have attended a couple of your classes thru the SBA here in San Antonio.  We used your sample given to us on creating our G&A, it helped tremendously.  At the present time DCAA is in the process of auditing our G&A and in directs.   If you have any examples of how we calculate fringes, it would be helpful.  They seem to think we are low on our fringes.  If there is anything you can do to help I would greatly appreciate it.  Your class has been the best class offered thru SBA.  


Hi, you just caught me prior to becoming unavailable for the day.  We do have an electronic file (e-file) that should help you.  Many others have used it as a template to get a quick look at "what might be". 

They replaced the sample numbers with their own and the spreadsheet calculated their rates.  It is very inexpensive (see below).  The price in red is the discounted subscribing member price.  Go to Member Product Tools and look for the item identified below.  If you already purchased this earlier and misplaced it, please let me know and I will ask our webmaster to verify and get you another copy 

KEEP This in mind.  Often, people will use the wrong base to calculate Fringe Benefits.  Remember to only use Productive Labor, that is, exclude Leave (Vacation/Holiday/Sick) from the Labor Base and Include the Leave in your Fringe Benefit Pool 

E-file Spreadsheet that should helpFull Indirect Rate Calculation($19.00)($29.00)

(Full Indirect Rate Calculation (Actual & Projected) Solution spreadsheet)

If you still have a hardcopy version of the workbook from the class or from ordering the DVD, go to the part that shows the sample company indirect rate calculation.  This is toward the end.  We reviewed this near the end of the day.  The workshop material is somewhat Timeless!  

I hope this helps

Paul Sr.