We have passed the $1B threshold! - Over 30 years supporting member firms, clients, and workshop attendees (majority which have been small and/or disadvantaged).  How?

  • Winning new contracts,
  • Extending or renewing existing contracts,
  • Preventing loss of contracts, 
  • Cost savings & increased profits through negotiations and audits, and
  • Savings, as expressed by members and clients, through increased knowledge and ability to confidently interact on their own with issues pertaining to government contract cost and pricing with thier customers. 

I am happy to have played a supporting role over the past years to members, clients, workshop attendees (both Live, DVD, and Online), and let's not forget government staff who have attended workshops, obtained our support tools, and visited our website to enhance their ability to support their client firms.

Thank you for choosing us to support you and for investing in the DVD, Workshops, and Other Tools that enhanced your success.

All the best and don't forget to recharge at the Inspirational Corner.